Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are your prices quoted in Canadian dollars or American dollars?

A.  Canadian dollars. If American cash is offered we apply the exchange rate current at the time of the tour.

Q.  Do you take credit cards?

A.  Yes, but only Visa and MasterCard.

Q.  What is your cancellation policy?

A.  We need a minimum of 48 hours for no charge to be levied. For cruise ship clients – if a ship fails to arrive, this is deemed to be no fault of the client and there will be no charge.

Q.  Do you take a deposit?

A.  No. We will take your credit card information (card number, expiry and CVV code) and hold it on file until the tour is completed.

Q.  Are admissions to attractions included?

A.  Not usually. We do often pay for the group and then include the cost when settling up at the end of the tour.

Q.  What time do your tours start?  Where can we be picked up and dropped off?

A.  We pick up wherever is convenient to the client. We always discuss beforehand a starting time which fits the client’s schedule.

Q.  Do you fill your vans to capacity?

A.  No. Rusty Rover values the comfort of “seat room” for its clients.

Q.  Will our group be combined with others?

A.  Not usually. We consider each of our tours to be a private customized tour. Occasionally we get singles, couples or other small groups who wish to merge with another group to reduce the cost per individual. We will do that if the first party who booked is agreeable and the agendas of the parties are similar.

Q.  You don’t give the actual cost per person.  Why is that?

A.  Our charge is based on a flat hourly rate for the van and driver-guide. As the client is on a private tour, the cost of the tour can be divided by the number of individuals on the tour to determine a per person cost.

Q.  What if we would like to add or subtract something on the tour?

A.  No problem. We often change the itinerary en route to take in something
unanticipated in which the client takes an interest.


Did you know… Rusty Rover Tours does transportation for small groups?

No worries about parking or driving home safely after the event, whether it be an office party, a barbecue, a family reunion, a wedding, or whatever your special occasion may be. Rusty will do it for you.

Rates vary with the size of the group, time and distance traveled.

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